The Value of Good Guiding

Although many things go into creating a fantastic mobile safari one of the key elements will be the professional guide. His/her knowledge, patience, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile will really help bring your safari alive. Most safari companies will hopefully agree with us and we include an example of why this is so important. At the end of November 2017 an SGS mobile safari in Moremi led by specialist guide Grant Nel came across a pride of lions some way from our mobile camp in mid-morning. The lions were already accompanied by a number of creatures of the 4 wheeled variety and so, seeing that the lions had recently fed, Grant suggested leaving them for later when the guests could see them once all the lodge vehicles had gone home (the wonderful advantage of mobile safari flexibility).

With some bemused looks from the other vehicles (“you’re ignoring the lions??”) Grant headed off into a new area that he hadn’t explored in a while and stumbled across a white rhino. As many of you may know, Botswana has been leading the way in rhino conservation and over 100 rhinos have been reintroduced into the country. However, given the large area they now occupy this is a rare sighting. Grant has been guiding in Botswana for over 25 years (as well as being the Smithsonian Museum’s specialist Africa guide) and this was the first rhino he had ever seen in the wild in Botswana as well as a first for all the guests in the car.

Our guides at SGS are amongst the best mobile safari guides in the business. We also work with a number of specialist guides so let us know who you would like to guide you and we’ll get the best person for you!

So the lesson is – Africa starts at ground level (or below it in fact) so the next time you see a crowd tell your guide to head in the other direction – there’s no need to share Botswana when you can have it all to yourself!

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