Green Season in Botswana

The Green Season in Botswana is fast growing in popularity; not only are prices more attractive but the old adage of “you don’t see any wildife in the green season” is now firmly in the past. The rains bring a whole new diversity of new life and change although that doesn’t mean that the “prime” sightings disappear. There was no better illustration of this than in our mobile safari camp in Moremi in late December last year.

The Allen family from Australia was in camp late one morning and they were in the middle of a small nature walk around camp when a family of giraffes emerged from the trees near to the camp. Alex our guide broke off his discussion on tracking with the kids and the group quietly watched these magnificent animals. Suddenly the giraffes broke into a sprint. This is quite a sight in itself although, as they burst from the trees into the open plain in front of camp, the guests saw that the youngest giraffe had acquired a new strange looking back pack.

The lioness who had pounced on the back of the giraffe had her claws firmly dug in but perhaps didn’t have experience of the awesome kick a giraffe can give. As they watched the young giraffe gave an almighty kick and the lioness suddenly found herself airborne and landed in an undignified heap on the ground as the giraffes vanished into the bush. She looked around somewhat bashfully and sloped off into the bush, probably in the hope that her pride hadn’t seen her aerobatic misadventure.

So should anyone say to you that the green season is not as productive as the dry season, tell them of the birdlife, the new-borns, the beautiful greenery and the amazing flying lions.

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